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Wedding Aesthetics

Your wedding day is an incredibly important day in both you and your partners lives and putting your best face forward and wowing your guest whilst having cherished photographs is a must.

Photos that will be cherished and displayed for a lifetime, even longer if handed down.You likely have the Tux, the wedding dress and the epic venue. But a question ? Do you have the perfect skin, facial profile and overall aesthetic?

Come with me as I guide you through the world of pre wedding aesthetics, from injectable treatments such as botox and profhilo to face contouring and revolumising treatments such as dermal fillers, right through to treatments such as polynucleotides and exosomes.

The objective is not to change the way you look but instead to be the best version of yourself.

How far in advance should brides book in for aesthetic treatments?

This all depends on the treatments brides are looking to book. In a perfect scenario 12 -18 months prior to the wedding date is ideal for making a long-term plan. Some regenerative medicines take a little while longer to see results and results improve over time, therefore the sooner you can start these the better.When different treatments are required they will need to be staggered and therefore courses will take longer to complete as the skin requires a minimum of two weeks between different treatment types to heal.

Also If you’re considering anti wrinkle injections but have never tried this before, don’t leave it until a month or two before the big day. Although effects can be seen through muscle paralysis within the first week or two, some static lines will take longer to fade after muscle inactivity. So although you will see a softening after your first treatment it may take you multiple treatments for these lines to fade and we can only do these treatments a minimum of three months apart.

Fat loss injections

  • Ideal Timing: As soon as possible - Last treatment 1 month before wedding

  • Why: Want your wedding dress to fit like a glove? Fat loss injections are a great way to target stubborn pockets of Fat. They can be great to help correct a little overspill on a strapless dress, reduce love handles, help flatten a stomach or slim arms. The number of treatments needed varies so its best to start as far in advance as you can as treatments need to be spaced one month apart and so allowance can be made if extra treatments are needed.


Ideal Timing : Minimum of 6 months prior to the wedding date

  • Why: Polynucleotide injections are designed to stimulate cellular repair and regeneration. When introduced into the skin, they work on a cellular level to enhance collagen production, improve skin elasticity, and promote overall skin hydration and rejuvenation. Whilst it may differ from person to person target results are expected from 3+ months after a course of 3 treatment has been issued.

Botox / Azzalure:

  • Ideal Timing: As soon as possible-  Last Treatment- 4 Weeks Before

  • Why: Botox / Azzalure can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, providing a relaxed and refreshed appearance. We recommend starting with Botox / Azzalure as soon as possible. If you have static fine lines & wrinkles, multiple treatments over the course of time will continue to soften and potentially erase those fine lines & wrinkles. Schedule your last treatment ~4 weeks before the Big Day so that your Botox / Azzalure can be fully in effect by 2 weeks. If there are any additional units that need to be injected after those 14 days, there’s time to do so!


  • Ideal Timing: Minimum of 4-6 Months Before

  • Why: Microneedling boosts collagen and elastin at a cellular level, helping with acne, fine lines, hyper pigmentation, rosacea and many more skin concerns. We generally recommend 3-6 treatments which are spaced at least one month apart.


  • Ideal Timing: 4-6 Months Before

  • Why: The PRP facial can be beneficial to people who have wrinkles, sun damage, or scars. By placing PRP back into the skin, cell proliferation is encouraged. This leads to an increase in elastin and collagen production. As a result, the skin will look tighter, fuller, and smoother. The number of treatments you may need will depend on various factors such as your age, skin concerns, how you respond to the PRP injections, and what you want to achieve. As a general rule we advise patients have a course of three treatments, each spaced one month apart.

Chemical Peels:

  • Ideal Timing: Minimum of 2-3 Months Before

  • Why: Chemical peels exfoliate and renew the skin. They are great for Hyperpigmentation, fine lines and uneven skin texture. Doing this 2-3 months prior ensures any peeling or redness resolves, leaving you with a luminous and even skin tone.


  • Ideal Timing:  Minimum of 2 months Before

  • Why: Fillers add volume to areas like lips or cheeks. Planning ahead allows time for any potential bruising or swelling to diminish, ensuring you look naturally radiant on your wedding day and are completely happy with results.

Skin Boosters:


  • Ideal Timing: 2 months from your wedding is best to have your first profile treatment. Then 1 month from wedding have second profhilo treatment

  • Why: Skin boosters are great for hydrating the skin and adding a glow. They can soften fine lines, give a firmer skin texture and tone, improve skin elasticity and reduced dry patches improving overall skin texture and aiding makeup application.

Seventy Hyal requires three treatments therefore you will need to begin your course of treatments 3 month before your wedding date.

  • Ideal Timing: 3 months from your wedding is best to have your first seventy hyal treatment, 2 months from your wedding you will have your second treatment. Then 1 month from wedding your third treatment

Lip Revitalise

  • Ideal Timing: 1 Month Before

  • Why:Seventy hyal injected into the lips will hydrate and create subtle fullness, helping to alleviate lines, crepeness to lips ensuring your lipstick stays looking beautiful.

Last minute pre-wedding treatments

There shouldn’t be any experimenting in the month running up to the big day. Avoid any new treatments. Personally, I’d advise your last chemical peel or microneedling treatment – if this is part of your treatment plan - at least 2 months before and stick to the skincare regime you’ve tried and tested to avoid any breakouts. If you have been having previous anti-wrinkle injections then you may want to consider this a month prior to the wedding, allowing time for a 2-week follow up. The night before the wedding, pop on a hydrating sheet mask, and, once again, make sure it’s a sheet mask you’ve tried and tested before so you know how your skin will react.

First and foremost - enjoy the process - the run up to your big day can be stressful, so your time in clinic and focusing on your at home routine is the perfect opportunity to de-stress!

We want you to feel happy, confident in your skin and ready for those photos! If you're happy, you will look your best, that’s most important.

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